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Become a Sales and Implementation Partner

Tech careers are considered one of the fastest-growing professions with a very high return on investment.

At Talents and Systems, we help our participants start or advance a career in applying IT to business. We help them learn the skill needed to remain relevant in today's global economy. Through our partnership with one of the fastest-growing ERP startups in Nigeria, OyaSync, we ensure our participants get the necessary practical experience needed to start adding value from day one. 95% of our graduates have started their business within 2 months of graduation.

Our instructors are real-world ERP specialists who have worked with the best-in-class products globally. You will be trained as a Channel & Implementation partner who will help support and help organizations establish, build and grow more efficient, effective, and transparent systems and processes.

7 - Day Instructor Led Program
<H2.8>Become a Sales and Implementation Partner</h2.8>

Training | Mentorship | Support

Get trained for free, receive a mentor, expand your network, and earn the certifications you need to advance your career as an HBL Implementation Analyst.


  • Learn for free
  • Get Hired! Land an Implementation Analyst role out of the gate
  • Grow from Analyst to Specialist
  • Structured Career Growth
  • Start your own ERP Implementation Company
  • Everything you need to land the job and deliver results!!!

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Certification Programs

Trackeet Implementation Analyst

  • Support 1000s of small businesses in our network using the Trackeet application
  • Get trained for free and gain access to our network of businesses using the Trackeet application
  • Make money helping with basic inventory management and accounting using the Trackeet application

HBL Implementation Analyst

  • Provide Point of Sale, Inventory Management, and Accounting services to Hotels, Bars, and Restaurants
  • Support them with migrating from legacy software to HBL, and help them with setting up, price optimization, and customization
  • Serve as a support system to these businesses in areas of troubleshooting functional issues, end-of-day reconciliation, and management reporting

Fashionistra Implementation Analyst

  • Equip fashion entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and tools needed to scale their operations
  • These are basic skills focused on the use of the Fashionstra app to manage sales, inventory, and customer relations

Next cohort continues in May 2023

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